Who is Amy Bugbee?

I suppose this is where I should put my date of birth and ethnicity, but I am not sure those things will tell you anything about me.

Life is a mixed bag, this blog represents mine, and I will use it to share my life, past & present, with words and pictures.

My interests are varied, but whose aren’t? I love to bake (http://ninedaysofpie.com), and a have a small gourmet vanilla company (http://www.worldsgreatestvanilla.com). I write, take photos. I like to garden when I can, and when I can’t I take flower portraits. I love music and art. I am kind of an architecture freak. I grew up on heavy metal and still enjoy it – True metal, that is. I am passionate about the things I care about, I love road trips, and pretty much all of my free time centers around my husband Shane.

I was born and raised in a place called Calumet City Illinois, a notorious town bordering Chicago and the Indiana State Line. It was long known as a vile and dangerous place full of brothels, bars, burlesque houses, and gangsters. Al Capone ran it for many years. Most of that is gone now, but that was basically my childhood.

My parents were civil servants, my father was a Calumet City fireman and my mother was  a public elementary school librarian.  She taught me to read when I was about three, and my father gave me a strong work ethic.

I married my husband Shane in 1996, he is my other half. We have had many adventures together over the years. Our most public adventure turned into a book and film, you can find it here: http://www.usaodd.com

Currently, we live in Astoria Oregon (http://www.astoriatv.com), a small coastal town where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.


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