Something for ME!?!?! Oh Goodie!!!

Shane has recently returned from a trip to the Bay Area. It is always hard to be apart, but he had a chance to do something very special for a good friend. And, while it was disappointing not to be able to go with, I did luck out with two great souvenirs!

Last year, we went to San Francisco together and while driving back to our hostel we passed a most amazing looking place and Shane shouted “Stop!” – It was Bob’s Doughnuts, and it was amazing! They actually still fry doughnuts the old way, not with these new fangle industrial air fryers. So my gift was a doughnut, but a  Bob’s Doughnuts T-shirt! I could not have been more excited! (Someday I will explain my deep love for doughnuts in this blog).

Then came my second souvenir, my very own Fang t-shirt from the one and only Sammy McBride! The legendary West Coast Punk band Fang is the only band in the world to carry the distinction of playing BOTH of the Expo Of The Extreme music and art festivals that Shane and I created. The first time was in 1996 shortly after Sammy first put the band back together after being released from prison, and then again in 1999 when Fang was really doing great! They even had Jim Martin from Faith No More playing guitar.

Perhaps not surprising, the first time we met Sammytown we really hit it off, and he and Shane stayed in touch, so when we were planning Expo Of The Extreme #2 Fang was right there!

Shane visited Sammy at his new tattoo shop in Oakland, it’s called Tiger’s Blood Social Club (, and they had a really great time catching up with each other and talking turkey.  Shane said Sammy told him I really needed a Fang shirt, and he was right!!!

I am so excited to wear my cool new T-shirts, I’ll have to come up with a special occasion.

Thank you Shane! You are the greatest!

Thank You Sammy! I love the shirt, and really hope our paths cross one day soon!