I lost another friend today.

An ode to my beautiful friend, and those like her. 

She didn’t know what to do, the shock of the incident. She ran down the hill and into the yard of the yellow house people. She darted back and forth, in a frightened panic. They’d come down the hill to eat, but after what happened she didn’t know what to do. Momma always had the answers, momma told her where to go, Momma kept her safe. Now momma was lying empty, one of the human wheelers had banged into her.

What was she supposed to do, momma need to get up and tell her, but momma wan’t telling anything. They’d just gotten up from a rest, and were heading down the hill like they did nearly every day to enjoy some blackberries and grass in the human squares, those humans, with their fences, and their barking dogs, and the wheeler rides, those humans had taken momma away.

Those humans going so fast, and now momma is gone. What was she going to do without momma? Momma still had so much to teach her and tell her, and she’d never been alone. She felt so alone, so scared. She hid in the woods where her and momma often slept, she could see momma lying there motionless, she saw people standing around her talking, children, a woman and a dog. But momma didn’t get up to run away, momma was empty, momma just lay there. She watched as people put a white clothe over her, momma still did not get up. Oh momma! Oh momma! She cried, her heart broke. She was alone now, and darkness was coming. Her first night alone.