how to steal an election picture, by Steven Nass

Square Districts Now!

Gerrymandering, the redrawing of voting district borders to benefit a certain group of people, has gone on for a very long time. However what was once done in clandestine meetings, is now just another day in the power structure. Politicians revel in the practice and rubbing our faces in it. 

 So, I ask, why do we let them get away with this blatant manipulation of our voting districts?

Nearly two hundred years ago, rough and tumble pioneers with no shortage of bravery set out across barely charted lands to find their home, or “homestead” rather. The US government had divided up much of the west into square parcels of 160 acres (a square mile). These homesteaders were given free land in exchange for risking all to deal with who or what might be using that land already and they had to farm it. Without Google maps, satellites, or even cars, the US government had managed to survey these lands and divide them into the squares.

Fast forward to recent history and look at a different kind of division, that is political districting. Political districts are drawn and redrawn depending on who is in power. They are stretched and torn, twisted and twirled, all in order to insure there are just the right number of voters in each district to insure those vying for power get the election results they are seeking. It’s called Gerrymandering and it has been around for a very long time.

In our new transparent world, we can all easily see how these districts are used and changed to stop the true voice of communities, and it is time to stand up and stop this. If the government could create maps of squares for homesteaders without the benefit of today’s technology, certainly we can redraw these these maps into squares, so we can have true representation.

Now is the time to demand our government revise all voting maps to the squares they should be. We want our voices here’d correctly, and taking the voting power away from the people with these tainted district borders cannot stand!

Demand even and simple squares!

Demand true community representation!

We have the power, those in power are there to represent us, and if that has ceased to be the case then we must take back our power. We must make our voices heard, and we must demand Square Districts Now!!!