Can we get a do over?

We still have time to stand up and stop this insanity!

I talk to a lot of people, I watch social media feeds, so I know I am not alone in this quandary. This is the worst election of my lifetime and I am nearly a half century old! I think most people in America would agree, it’s really difficult to choose a lessor of evils in this two-sided presidential election. So I ask, may we please… Can we put the dice back in the cup and re-shake? I mean, of course I understand there are rules and precedents regarding elections for a couple hundred years now, but, have you seen the candidates this time? Seriously. There has obviously been a mistake.

We the people need to think about voting more like we are hiring someone, if we don’t like the applicants, let’s keep looking.

This election has been full of shady action, scandal and lies since day one. We really need to take some pause here and reevaluate the situation. Voter suppression in the primaries alone should be reason enough for a do over. Let’s stop this madness and postpone the election for 6 months, lets shake out some new options.

While we’re at it, since we are doing over our choices for president, let’s just redo that whole system. Let’s make it work a little better., no electorate, no red or blue states, one person one vote. Most votes wins. Most of all, let’s get a few more parties into this system.

A two-party system does not appear to work well when the populace is so often nearly 50/50 in elections. Even more, these parties are not representative of the population. It is a distant compromise, often based on principles long cast aside and historical views the party once held. People are forced to vote for the current Republican or Democratic candidate and/or party whether they believe what they espouse or not, it seems to typically come down to one key issue for most people, and they look the other way on everything else. How is that a good plan? I cannot think of one politically active person I know, one any side that believes in half, let alone everything, the party platform or candidate stands for or not, and likely they don’t. How could they? The parties are so far from what they claim to stand for today.

Many people of today might find they lean more toward Green Party, Progressive, or Libertarians ideals, but they are not even aware that other options exist beyond the main two parties. There is not easy access to information about these parties, and they are not allowed on the ballot in every state.

What could American Democracy look like if we had representation from all over the spectrum? Other nations do this, if the green party gets 18% of the vote, they get 18% representation in government, that makes sense to me, it aligns much better with the goal of checks and balances and probably  our government would get a lot more accomplished. It never works when we have a president from one party and congress from another, look at how often important bills sit at a stalemate. As long as we are a two party system, this will never change.

I urge the powers that be and the people of our nation to stand up and demand a redo, we can do it, and far from hurting our democracy it will make us all better represented in the long run!