1984 election results

The Myth Of Red & Blue States

A minor history lesson for those under a certain age…..







The media practically beats us over the head talking about Red states and Blue states, and Swing States, but this whole concept appears to be a myth when one looks at the ACTUAL RESULTS of the last 50 years. With a little help from our friends at Wikipedia, I was able to see in black and white (or rather red & blue) exactly where each states loyalties lie, and the fact is, with few exceptions, there is no set outcome of any state.

I will say, it is surprising how many states vote Republican most of the time, especially when I consider what 1960s revolutionary John Sinclair told us in an interview back in 2008. He said, “I’ll tell you one thing, every Republican votes in every election. Republicans are only about 24% of the population, but they win these things because they ALL vote. No one fools them into thinking their vote doesn’t mean anything.” (See the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=54&v=51YpyPrwlkY)

When I look at the results of the elections I see some really disturbing results – especially in those Reagan years!

I was a child in those years, and I remember being at school after the election and teachers were crying in the hallway. Within a month or two, all of the art and music programs were drained right out of the curriculum, all in lieu of the “3 Rs” he was pushing. We had a librarian with a masters degree in Library Science, but Reaganomics said school libraries did not need librarians, so she was reassigned as an english teacher.

A few years ago, I was watching C-Span at my job on a rainy day, and a woman was being interviewed about speaking at this big conference of Fortune 500 CEOs and such. She said she really could not understand why they wanted her – a conductor of a second city orchestra to speak. It turned out, she had begun a program to help school kids in the inner city of Baltimore by making every member of the orchestra mentor and teach their instrument to these kids. An interesting thing happened. The kids in the program began to excel at school, they got better at MATH! The CEO’s told her, that they have a real problem in the workforce with all these young people who grew up without art and music, they have skills and can do tasks, but they cannot think critically, they cannot think outside the box, they lack creative solutions, because there was no art or music in most public schools.

I was immediately reminded of the art teachers crying in the hallway back in 1982, and I understood now more than ever why they cried. Most were reassigned into other subjects, so not that many at my school lost their jobs, but they cried for us, they cried for what the children were losing, they knew. They knew what Reaganomics meant for us – a bunch of poor kinds on the South Side of Chicago, there was no wealth for us to have trickle down upon us from anywhere. We were the factory workers of the future, at a time when the factories around us were all closing.

Back to the election results, if you look at the 1982 election every state was Red with exception of a few. If we want to talk about a “rigged election” this overwhelming redness was caused by the hostages in Iran that President Carter was unable to get freed. Why? Because Reagan and his team were paying the captors to keep hold of them until their win was complete to make Carter lose. About ten years later, there was a hearing regarding the Iran/Contra deal in which Oliver North was a major part, and this came out at that time. It was a total fraud, and arming the enemy was done to win the election and to what end later? Who knows.

If one looks at the 1984 election, the nation was even Redder, why? That’s because Reagan moved the “Doomsday Clock” to one minute to midnight (if you ever wondered what they Iron Maiden song was about), we were told the end was near and inevitable and nuclear war between the USA and Russia was a certainty. If you have ever noticed we Gen Xers seem to be a little more angry, nihilistic and twitchy than the rest, this was the reason. I never thought I would live to see my twenties.

Keep these maps in mind the next time you hear the media talk about Red and Blue states or swing states, ANY state can go Red (except Minnesota it seems) and there is not a usual. And most of all, remember the fog of elections can be very strong, we may not know for ten or twenty years what the reality is versus what the Media is saying. Most of all, never trust corporate media, they have been liars since the news was on a black and white screen!