Deciding Over Evils – The American Way!

I’m in Oregon, and as the election races forward I am struck by some interesting things. In our community, I have been monitoring the yard signs and stickers for clues, and aside from local politician’s signs our town is still full of Bernie signs and stickers on cars. More and more, especially as one drives into the more rural areas of our community I see Trump signs, even one house with three Trump flags blowing in the wind. The one thing I have not seen, not even one of is a Hillary sign in a yard, I saw one, that’s right ONE sticker on a car so far, and it was obviously a tourist, not too many BMW SUVs around here. I have to admit, I actually still see Obama/Biden stickers on cars around here, so it’s not like this isn’t a Democratic supporting community. Yes, there are more 4 and 8 year old Obama stickers on cars than Hillary stickers. When I ponder this auto sticker and yard sign quandary, I continually ask myself, how did Hilary Clinton win the primary – just from my unofficial research of the backs of cars and yard signs, it seems an utter impossibility. Of course as I said, I’m in Oregon.

The other day, I was on Facebook, and I noticed on the side of the screen where the ads and groups are that my algorithms have decided are best served to me, I saw a group called #imwithherPDX, oh well, I thought, there’s the Oregon Democrats taking action, and then I looked at the image slightly more closely to see the group boasted 616 members. The Time Travelers Costume Guild which appeared under had more with 668. Yeah, that’s right time traveling costumers have more interest than HRC in PDX. I think that is saying a lot.

Running up to the Democratic Convention, I kept telling everyone I knew that I was “waiting to see how it turned” out before I made a decision. I thought for certain that the convention would be contested due to the number of Bernie delegates and the rampant reports of election fraud. I am still flabbergasted at the way things turned out. I don’t really blame Bernie since we see so many people that oppose HRC die mysteriously, but man oh man how does that happen? I mean I see funny memes all the time, for example of the FBI head that chose not to prosecute her, saying something like She’s guilty as hell but I don’t want to die mysteriously. I mean that is a joke about a person that may be president!?!?!?

I have to admit, I am still secretly hoping something happens before the ballots get printed and we get to vote for Bernie. I know it’s absurd, but I’ve never been so invested in a presidential election, I’ve never been so angry about one, and I have never detested both major party candidates so badly. Okay, there have been many times I wasn’t crazy about either candidate, but these two I loathe.

I was raised a democrat in Chicago, and I voted for Bill Clinton the first time he ran for office, 12 years of republicans had created a world for me and my peers of total hopelessness, there were no jobs, the only growth I remember seeing in Calumet City during the first Bush presidency was fast food restaurants springing up. In the previous eight years of Reagan, I watched all of the music and most of the art teachers laid off or reassigned. School funding was diminished, I remember teachers crying in the hallway after the election, and I saw the results almost immediately. I was glad to vote democrat that first election that I was eligible to vote. Then Waco happened, and I didn’t feel I could vote for Clinton again. I opted for Perot in the next election. I gave up voting for about 20 years after that. Last election was the first time I voted for a president, and I voted for a woman then – Jill Stein.

I grew up on the “vote for the lesser of two evils” principle of voting, it’s a big reason I stopped voting. Why would I want to vote for one of two really big jerks because they are slightly less jerky? That’s a real hard pill to swallow. My parents had choked down a number of candidates and voted Democrat, as I recall the last guy they were glad to vote for was probably Jimmy Carter. It’s exciting to hear so many people say they will not accept the lesser of two evils anymore. It’s encouraging, and I am hopeful this leads to some campaign and voting reform, such as all candidates getting equal media time, such as no more buying any advertising to elections, such as every candidate gets the exact same amount of money to spend on their campaign. Other civilized nations have 3, 4, 5 or more parties with representation in office, I hope the USA can grow into such a thing.

Recently, I got on Hillary Clinton’s Twitter feed. I hoped she might win me over with some of that progressive platform she’d supposedly taken on, instead I was met with more pictures of Donald Trump than HRC herself. How does that work? How does a person win an election by promoting their opponent more than themselves? Saying look how awful the other guy is is in my opinion no way to win an election. Show us your substance, your platform, your plans, lay it out. I did not see a single link to a blog written by HRC, nor a single campaign stop picture, which seemed even more bizarre. Is she just dialing it in from home? And that led me to again wonder, how did this lady win the nomination?