Not even worth the popcorn – Presidential debate #1

Wow! Wow! Wow! That was bad, real bad!

The first presidential debates were last night. We watched it streamed online from NBC. Growing up this would have been required viewing, my parents always watched the debates, they were deeply engaged, and so I have seen my share of presidential debates throughout life.

I have never seen one like last night, not because a woman was on the stage, not because a businessman was on the stage. But because the vocabulary was so poor, because no issues were covered, because it was all just two people bickering like they were at divorce court.

I had to stop myself from wishing it was Bernie up there, if he were, the race would not be so close, and issues would have been spoken of.

Neither candidate looked or sounded “good”, neither were “tremendous”, a word Donald Trump used more time that I could count. The highlight for me was the tweets on the bottom of the screen. Howard Dean asked “Coke User?” regarding Donald Trump’s sniffling and then Maria Shriver, tweeted something about “Stay high, Stay on the High Road” – was this additional code from the rich party set of the USA?

Worst of all was the outrageous sexist comment made by moderator Lester Holt. If there had been two men on the stage, he never would have said to Donald Trump, “You said she didn’t look presidential, here she is tell us why?” That would never have been said were there two men on the stage. Never.

All in all, it was still disappointing on both sides, Donald Trump sounded like a rambling, megalomaniac, who lives outside of the real world and Hillary Clinton sounded insincere, and unable to present her case. I wished Bernie was there debating, he would have mopped the floor wth Trump. I wished the Green and Libertarian party candidates were up there to offer some different views, and most of all, I just wished our system was better, and more representative of the people.