Feeling Weird About This Election? Me Too!

When I started this blog, I thought my bio should be my voting record and my DNA test results, but I don’t think I have even added that yet. I guess I abstained from voting more times than I have actually voted. It is so frustrating that instead of even getting an option of the best person for the job, it’s always just whoever has the biggest name recognition and runs the most commercials. Do people really still watch TV? Do people really believe the twisted statistics in commercials and manipulations of the biased media? We will not have a real election in this country until every candidate gets the same amount go money to spend and the exact same minutes of air time on the TV and radio. But, can that ever happen? Can we trust in anything when corporations have protected speech? When Monsanto can fight against food labeling and win? 

What I am saying is, I am really tired of politics as usual, and business as usual. We do not have to accept this as the status quo, unchangeable or just the way it is. And we shouldn’t all have to move to the Yukon or Romania to get healthcare from the government in exchange for our tax dollars. We as Americans have the highest cost of healthcare in the world, we pay the most for prescriptions, we are fed foods that are banned in other countries around the world. Nutrition is spoken of in a derogatory manner to children at school and on TV. We have slow internet compared to the rest of the world, and our energy cooperatives are few. We continue to suck up more resources than any other nation, even with a relatively small population… Don’t even get me started on the global population – there are way too many of us on this small ball. 

What I am saying is, whether you are a democrat or a republican, it doesn’t matter, we all need clean air and water to live. We all need real, nutritious, and safe food to eat. We should all be able to earn a living if we work hard. We should all be able to see a doctor is needed, get an education if we want one, and drive on safe roads, and have a decent infrastructure. We are supposed to be civilized, we are supposed to be so very smart, yet we accept so little in exchange for the huge tax dollars we pay. Our natural resources get sent off for pennies on the dollar, and don’t say that isn’t true because I watch our Oregon and Washington forests get loaded up and sent to Asia every single day.

What I am saying is, there is a lot wrong with our current system, but I believe it can be fixed, if we want it to be, if we stop accepting “business as usual”, and stop letting the media keep us divided by race, gender, class, and whatever else they throw our way. “We the people” have immeasurable power, but we squander it. I look to history for example after example of this. The Suffrage Movement for one, women should have had the right to vote back in 1870 as part of the 15th Amendment, not in 1920 as the 19th Amendment. What went wrong? Well, let me tell you, a cancer known as divisiveness, did women in. In fact, the women split into two groups because they could not get along. Fifty years were wasted because everything else got thrown into the mix, the biggest being temperance. WTF does temperance have to do with women voting? It’s the same fake divides we see popping up now over guns, borders, and other BS. Who is to blame for these peripheral issues getting tossed into real issues? Ultimately, we are for letting it happen, for playing into their hands, but it’s the powers that be, and their agents for non change, the xenophopes. ‘We can’t change they way things are! It’s impossible! It’s too hard! You won’t like it! This is the garbage we are fed from the top down, down and down until the McDonald’s burger flipper is voting against raising his own pay to a livable wage because he won’t be able to carry that gun he can barely afford. It makes no sense.

What I am saying is, WE HAVE THE POWER! If we could just for a moment put away the lessor divides and come together to fight for the things we deserve – medical care when we need it, housing for all, education readily available, protection of wilderness for posterity, clean water, air and uncontaminated food. None of this is too much to ask for, quit following the garbage JFK quote “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Fuck that, we have been doing and doing, it’s time to get something in return, something of true value! Please fellow Americans, let us come together and take a stand for civilization. Rather than being less than ancient civilizations, rather than de-evoution, let us try to be more. Let us try to be better. Let us truly advance by caring for each other, and giving each other a step up. It’s not that hard.

What I am saying is, all the options in this election appear to suck – A conniving, lying woman who already spent 8 years in the white house, or a super rich brat who never had to think of anyone else in his entire life and lives in a world of illusion, or two third part candidates, one which I have voted for in the past, but don’t particularly like and another guy I know nothing about, most importantly neither of them have a chance in our current system. Let’s demand better representation! Let’s take over this damn government – It’s supposed to be by the people for the people, so lets get crazy upset like the American Indian Movement did when they occupied Alcatraz and government buildings, and just take over, storm the capital and find ourselves a desk. We are the law. We are the order. Let’s come together and fight!