Sweet Home Chicago, Not So Much Anymore

The saying is true, “you can never go home”. Why? Because “home” just doesn’t exist as it did.

What lives in our memories will never remain the same once time has passed without us in it’s presence. We change, places change, history is forgotten, or altered, or in this case destroyed.

I just happened upon this article: (https://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20160616/canaryville/canaryville-housing-development-start-soon-after-zoning-board-approves) about luxury apartments going up on the corner where Shane and I bought our first piece of real estate in 2000. It was a 7000 sq ft print shop,  we lived upstairs and attempted to put to use a variety of vintage printing machines. It worked for a while, and we produced a number of books, periodicals, prints and pins out of the place. We sold it literally days before it went into foreclosure. We were devastated to leave, we thought we would live there forever.

It was originally built as a bar and brothel around 1890 on what was then known as “Whiskey Row”, back when the stock yards raged just across the street on South Halsted near 43rd Street. This was the land of Upton Sinclair’s ‘Jungle’. It was gritty and beautiful in its own hideous way. Now it is set to become the home of urbanized suburbanites.