Tech Opinions, from a not very techie person…

Not that I don’t love technology, I just can’t wrap my mind around much of the magic that it is.

The world has changed so fast in the last 25 years, I have seen just in my paltry lifetime! From no one having computers in their homes, and I MEAN no one to having three computers, a smart phone, and an ipad in my home right now between two people!

When I was a kid, everyone had landline phone – cell phones did not exist. In the 1980s, clunky portable phones and car phones appeared in television shows about rich people. Even TV’s Charlie’s Angels got their orders over an intercom. I still remember my home phone number, it was the same number my parents had for the thirty-some years they owned the house I grew up in, it was 868-1971, eventually a 312, and then a 708 was added to the front of it when area codes became a must.

It was like it happened overnight. I remember getting a cell phone fairly early compared to most people because my husband Shane and I had a small business to run, that was in 1997 maybe 1998, so not that long ago. Shane had a computer when I met him, and he taught me to do layout and design. That would have been 1996, but again only people who did business really had personal computers – graphic designers, super nerds, that was it.

For as far as we have come, I will say, I was promised teleportation as a child watching Star Trek, so where is it? It should be here by now, but alas we still use oil and gas. Barbaric.

But wait, I was making a point…

As I was trying to say, I just got a new computer, and now every time I stop and then go back to work I am forced to put a password in, in fact I have a giant list of these meaningless numbers and letters that without which I can never see my email, or Facebook likes, or update this website. It is maddening, and the really absurd part of it is that I am supposed to feel safer for it.

The worst of all are the ones where an image pops up when it’s asking for my password, a “security image” they call it, and the generic image in a circle is supposed to give me a sense of safety and protection.  

Does no one see the folly in this false security? If hackers can get into fire-walled corporate and governmental systems, they can certainly reproduce a generic parrot or a flower and trick us into giving out our oh-so-secret password, and let’s face it, if they are really good, passwords mean nothing to them. Therefore, I must wonder, what is the point of the so-called “security image” being pushed on me like some safety seal on a jar of Tylenol. Where did the image come from in the first place? Was it chosen for me based on some algirhythm? How many people have the same image? 1 in 100? 1 in 1,000? I wonder.

Maybe I am just too daft to get it, but I feel that the “security image” overload and the countless pointless log-ins every five minutes, may be a scheme to dumb us all down. By forcing us to remember all these meaningless passwords and account names they are able to steal true knowledge right from our brains! 

It is supposed to make us safe from spying and “identity theft”, but I can save almost every password to my browser, so how safe is that? 

Wake up tech world and put and end to the mind numbing barrage of passwords, and codes, and security images, there has to be a better way!