If we must have a TV star for President, here are my picks:

Apparently, many in America are turning away from logic and intelligence, to back a Reality TV Show star and regularly failed businessman as the leader of our nation.  (Please note, I do not believe most of our elected officials to be logical or intelligent either. We all want change, indeed.) To assist in a better caliber of celebrity leader, I have decided to make a list of TV Celebrities that I would rather see as President than the current one running now. This took a lot of thought actually, and deep concentration. I feel particularly qualified to decide this as one of the founders of the TV Ministry, the world’s truest religion. (We were calling the news lies way back in the 1990s).

I’ve taken into consideration who I think can hold it together and not become a megalomaniac, who would be thoughtful, and take the position seriously, and I’ve considered only TV stars – not movie stars, not musicians, not internet stars. Let’s face it, you can’t trust movie stars! I also had to consider who was born in the USA (lots of sneaky Canadians in Hollywood!), and who could legally fit the bill.

For example, I love Jerry Seinfeld, but I think his sarcasm might get us all killed. I think Martha Stewart would be a great president, but I don’t think she is able to run, as she is a convicted felon ( A good pardon candidate Pres. Obama). Though he began on TV, Morgan Freeman, who regularly portrays the president, is a movie star today. Also avoided were those who seemed like tools for the industry, or child stars that might have a few too many personality quirks to be an effective leader. And, of course some people are true actors and have no personality outside of the characters they play. Another disqualification was bad spouse choices. For example, I like Katie Sagal but I don’t think her husband would be good for the white house at all. Unfortunately, some of my top choices are dead.

Here’s my top 5, I’ll add more if I think of any others:

1. Morgan Fairchild (She survived a kidnapping at 17! and she’s so classy and has Southern Charm).

2. David Letterman (He’s humorous and logical, and can ask the right questions. He’s sarcastic, but can be diplomatic at the same time).

3. Jon Cryer (He can work with total a-holes, and he was in Dudes).

4. Alton Brown (Not a felon, and can cook a nice meal).

5. George Takai (an activist and would be the first Asian President).

There you go America, I truly believe these are far better options, and while it may be too late for them to become candidates this round, the next election circus cycle is a mere four years away! If we as a nation have degraded to the point of needing to vote a TV Celebrity and trash American culture into the the Presidency, let’s at least pick a good one!

Thank You.